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Strategy, Evaluation, Due Diligence and Communications

Developing a strategy that works means going “broad and deep.”  “Broad” is understanding markets, market trends and the interests of all the players in the market.  “Deep” means understanding the interactions at a granular level.  These can range from physician/sales representative to insurance company/hospital.


With the “broad and deep” understanding from decades of experience, our team has the ability to develop strategic and tactical plans that work and inspire confidence.


When the job is due diligence or a review of an opportunity, the same skills are applied to achieve an on target analysis.


Turning even a great innovation into a standard of care requires orchestrating a carefully planned series of communications.  Capturing market share with a “better” product from entrenched products requires superior communications that create an image of superiority even before all the clinical studies are in.


Developing and executing effective communications requires a deep understanding of the target market from both business and clinical perspectives.  VMARK’s team is a unique blend of businesspeople who know the clinical landscape and clinicians who are creative and business oriented.  The result is communications that resonate with the target clinicians and administrators.  Ultimately, they drive adoption and rising revenues.